Your Turn: Your Feedback On Oxley Trial


Most of your feedback this week is about Wayne Oxley. His second murder trial ended in a hung jury and mistrial:

I have prayed the jurors would come to a decision and find Wayne not guilty. I thought him innocent from the beginning.

Janet Williams

I was a juror on the first trial for Mr. Oxley and I can tell you we took this very seriously. Listening to endless testimony, pictures, etc., I still believe that we made the right decision on the first trial and still believe he is guilty.

Clyde Leffler

A third trial will be held for Oxley.  St. Lawrence County has already spent about $400,000 on the first two trials:


If the existing evidence cannot win a guilty verdict after two trials, I am not optimistic about the chances to win a third.


Bruce Webber


Why make the taxpayers pay more money on another trial if the jury could NOT reach a verdict on this trial.


Scott Madill


Sad. Justice has a price tag on it!


Jerry Sharlow

We also received a couple of messages about video  Watch as District Attorney Nicole Duve walks past Oxley:

I know that cannot be held against him, but that tells me there is something is not quite right.


Name Withheld


His attitude has been hostile and disrespectful throughout his trial and giving him airtime showing that just encourages this type of behavior.


Lynne Trudell


New Yorkers are still going to college. It's just taking many of them a lot longer to get their degree:


I have no choice but to work full-time and I only take 2 online classes per semester just to be able to get financial aid.

Larissa DeLair

People are taking longer to complete their degrees because they have to keep changing their majors because there aren't the jobs available anymore.

Lauren Thomas Rivera
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Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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