Walczyk Stands His Ground on "Despicable" Tweet

Walczyk Stands His Ground on "Despicable" Tweet

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Cooler heads did not prevail Wednesday, in the dust up between Watertown city council members Mark Walczyk and Steve Jennings.

Walczyk tweeted Tuesday that Jennings had "slipped" the issue of rental inspections into an annual list of city council goals while Walczyk and Mayor Joe Butler are on vacation. Walczyk called Jennings' action "despicable."

That prompted Jennings to retort Tuesday night "While Mark Walczyk tweets, I continue to work hard addressing constituent concerns."

Contacted Wednesday, Walczyk stood by his words.

"There needs to be consensus on the goals, you know, sneaking something like rental inspections on to the list is the wrong way to go about it," Walczyk told 7 News.

Jennings has been fighting for inspections of rental properties for the last couple of years, with mixed results. Last year, city council supported registration of rental properties but not inspections.

The annual list of council goals for 2017-18 is now being prepared, with council members submitting their proposals.

"The list of consolidated goals includes about 95 percent of Councilman Jennings personal goals while many goals of other council members were slashed," said council member Cody Horbacz.

Council member Teresa Macaluso said while she wouldn't have handled her frustrations like Walcyzk did, this list of goals isn't something that's set in stone.

"It has to go through a long process before we come up with any kind of a resolution," Macaluso said.

For his part, Jennings pointed out he has repeatedly raised the issue of rental inspections, and made no secret of his plans to press the issue.

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