Prosecution, Defense Rest In Noonan Murder Trial

Prosecution, Defense Rest In Noonan Murder Trial

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The prosecution and defense rested their cases Friday in the murder trial of Gregory Noonan in Jefferson County Court.

Closing arguments are set for Monday.

Earlier in the day, a forensic expert testified blood was found on the head of a hammer that was in Barbara Getman's bedroom the night she died.

But, the expert said there was no DNA on the hammer's head.

That was part of the testimony during the morning of the fourth day of Noonan's murder trial.

He's accused of causing the blunt-force trauma that damaged her liver and caused her death.

Investigators found the hammer in the bedroom Getman and Noonan shared at 217 South Pleasant Street in Watertown.

State police forensic scientist Leah Egnor said she tested the hammer and a sexual offense evidence kit used on Getman after she died.

Egnor said she found blood on the head on the hammer and on oral swabs from the kit.

Another state police forensic scientist, Adrianna Kim, testified she found Noonan's DNA on the hammer's handle, but found no DNA on the head.

She said she found DNA from both Noonan and Getman on swabs from the sexual offense evidence kit.

Watertown Police Det. Christin O'Brien testified that Noonan told her during his statement that he and Getman were planning to move to separate residences.

O'Brien said she didn't believe Noonan was being honest during his recorded statements.

Jefferson County's medical examiner, Dr. Samuel Livingstone, who did Getman's autopsy, also took the stand.

He said Getman's liver was partially torn in two and she lost half of her total blood volume. Livingstone said the injury to her liver was caused by blunt force trauma and couldn't come from CPR.

But when Livingstone was questioned by Noonan's lawyers, he said it's possible Getman could have injured her liver if her stomach was pushed against a door knob during sex.

He also said it is possible Getman could have hit the corner of the dresser in the bedroom she shared with Noonan if she had fallen on it while standing on their bed.

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