Canton Students Work To Fend Off Tree-Killing Beetle

Canton Students Work To Fend Off Tree-Killing Beetle

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It has a pretty name, but the emerald ash borer is a beetle wreaking havoc with ash trees across the nation.

Canton High School students are trying to fend off the voracious tree-killing beetle before it strikes in St. Lawrence County.

They fanned out with the Department of Environmental Conservation Tuesday to tag ash trees so they can be watched for signs of the bug.

The entire southern part of the state has already been placed under quarantine to restrict the movement of firewood, a prime way the little critter spreads.

“Don't move firewood, that's the whole slogan there. And the reason why you don't want to move it is because it's a wood-boring insect, so the larvae could be inside of the wood that people are moving. And then it can easily be spread all around. That's one of the main ways it's spread," said Megan Pistolese, education and outreach coordinator.

The emerald ash borer has destroyed hundreds of millions of ash trees in the U.S. since its discovery in Michigan more than a decade ago.

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