North Voters Approve School Budgets

North Voters Approve School Budgets

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Voters across northern New York passed school budgets Tuesday.

Several school districts in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties were at their "tax cap," though none are over it.

In Jefferson County, that included Lyme, South Jefferson and Watertown; in St. Lawrence County, St. Lawrence Central, Canton, Clifton-Fine, Colton-Pierrepont, Gouverneur, Hammond, Hermon-DeKalb, Heuvelton, Lisbon, Madrid-Waddington, Ogdensburg, Parishville-Hopkinton and Potsdam were all at their cap. (Source: Empire Center For Public Policy)

In Lewis County, one district, Beaver River, went over its tax cap - and voters in Beaver River approved the budget Tuesday night.

In the case of Beaver River, the tax cap was very low, allowing for an increase of less than half a percent. School officials chose to put a budget in front of voters that increased the total taxes raised in the district (the "levy") by a little over $100,000. The budget had to get at least 60 percent of the votes cast Tuesday night; it ended up getting more than 80 percent, passing 224-53.

Beaver River was one of five school budgets to pass in Lewis County, a clean sweep.

In Hammond, the former superintendent - who is now the superintendent of the neighboring Morristown school district - was elected to the school board. Doug McQueer got 180 votes. Ted Elk was also elected, with 138 votes.

In addition, in several districts voters were asked to authorize spending for items like repairs to buildings and athletic fields or new school buses. Also, local libraries in several communities were asking for money; taxpayers were asked to vote on those requests as part of their school budget votes.

In South Jefferson, voters approved both a $7.2 million capital project 684-189 and a turf field project 595-280.

In Sackets Harbor, $7.9 million in capital improvements - upgrades to school buildings and the bus garage - was approved handily, 166-57.

In Canton, voters rejected proposals to buy two parcels of land at 79 and 77 State Street, near Banford Elementary School. District officials wanted the properties to improve traffic flow and student safety near the school, but the rejections were overwhelming - 684-185 against in the case of 79 State and 710-159 in the case of 77 State.

District-by-District Results

Alexandria Central: $13.1 million budget/levy increases 1.99%/PASSED/bus purchase approved

Beaver River: $16.2 million budget/tax levy increases 2%/PASSED/Authorization to buy buses, for Croghan library passed/Sam Chamberlain elected to school board

Belleville-Henderson: $9.6 million budget/levy increases 1.98%/PASSED/Propositions to buy a plow truck and support local libraries approved.

Canton Central: $29.1 million budget/levy increases 2.75%/PASSED/purchase of three buses approved/library support approved/purchase of land at 79 and 77 State Street rejected.

Clifton-Fine Central: $10.6 million budget/levy increases 1.13%/PASSED

Colton-Pierrepont: $10.6 million budget/levy increase 0.75%/PASSED/Capital reserve fund of $4 million approved/non-voting student member on school board approved

Carthage Central: $62.4 million budget/levy decrease 5%/PASSED/support for two libraries approved/repair reserve approved/construction of a pole barn authorized/Abigail Hammond, Kent Burto, Erin Boshart elected to school board

Copenhagen Central: $10.3 million budget/levy increase 2%/PASSED

Edwards-Knox: $15 million budget/levy increase 1.4%/PASSED/Proposition to buy three buses approved/write in school board candidate Derek LaPoint elected with 42 votes

General Brown: $22.2 million budget/levy increase 1.99%/PASSED/purchase of four buses approved/Albert Romano and Natalie Hurley elected to three year terms.

Gouverneur: $34.9 million budget/levy increase 2%/PASSED

Hammond: $7.6 million budget/levy increase 2%/PASSED/Doug McQueer and Ted Elk elected to school board

Harrisville: $10.2 million/levy increase 2%/PASSED/Authorization to purchase a bus passed/Funding for Harrisville public library approved

Hermon-DeKalb: $10.1 million budget/levy decrease 0.35%/PASSED/Authorization to buy two buses passed

Heuvelton: $14 million budget/levy increase 2.8%/PASSED

Indian River: $87.3 million budget/levy increase 2.52%/PASSED/community library money, capital reserve fund propositions approved/Kenneth Clyde and Bridget Carpenter elected to school board.

LaFargeville: $11.1 million budget/levy increase 1.67%/PASSED/bus purchase approved

Lisbon: $12.9 million/levy increase of 2.1%/PASSED

Lowville Academy: $27.1 million budget/levy increase 0%/PASSED/Authorizations for tax stabilization reserve fund approved/ purchase of three school buses approved/money for local libraries approved

Lyme: $7.7 million budget/levy decrease of 0.08%/PASSED/Authorization for capital reserve fund approved/library support approved.

Madrid-Waddington: $16.2 million budget/levy increase of 2.75%/PASSED/proposal to change school board elections to "at large" passed/purchase of two school buses approved/purchase of tractor approved/window replacement project approved.

Massena: $52.6 million budget/levy increase 0.99%/PASSED/David LaClair and Loren Fontaine won 5 year school board terms, Robert LeBlanc and Mark Goodfellow won 3 year terms.

Morristown: $10.3 million budget/levy increase 4%/PASSED/library funding approved.

Norwood-Norfolk: $22.7 million/levy increase 2%/PASSED/Purchase of four buses approved

Ogdensburg: $45 million budget/levy increase of 1.26%/PASSED/proposal to sell land by Kennedy school to City of Ogdensburg approved/library support of $50,000 approved.

Parishville-Hopkinton: $11.3 million budget/levy increase of 3.15%/PASSED/Authorization to buy two buses passed/Mrs. Amy Guiney and Jeff Yette elected to school board

Potsdam: $32.4 million/levy increase of 0.41%/PASSED/Purchase of two buses approved/Jared Carey, Chris Cowen and write-in candidate Keith Sapp elected to school board.

St. Lawrence Central: $23.3 million budget/levy increase 1.3%/PASSED/Authorization to buy three school buses passed

Sackets Harbor: $8.6 million budget/levy increase of 1.99%/PASSED/$7.9 million capital improvement approved/bus purchase approved.

Sandy Creek: $23.8 million budget/levy increase of 2%/PASSED/John Shelmidine, Joe Hathway elected to school board

South Jefferson: $33.3 million budget/levy increase 1.34%/PASSED/ Capital project, turf field both approved/purchase of six buses approved

South Lewis: $25.1 million budget/levy increase 1.25%/PASSED/Authorizations to buy three buses and community libraries @ $80,000 each passed/Andy Liendecker and Dawn Ludovici elected to school board

Thousand Island: $23 million budget/levy increase 1.42%/PASSED/purchase of three buses approved/support for libraries approved/Robert Cantwell, Tucker Wiley and Erin Churchill elected to school board.

Watertown: $71 million budget/levy increase 1.59%/PASSED/ Proposal to shorten term of school board members to three years approved/Culley Gosier elected to school board.

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