Keeping Up: More Sandbags, More Help Needed

Keeping Up: More Sandbags, More Help Needed

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At the Crescent Yacht Club in Chaumont, the same battle is being fought over and over.

"We put all those in the other day to protect the porch and the rest of the building and now the water's coming up more and more every day," said Carl Seery, Chaumont fire police chief.

Thousands of sandbags are being filled in Chaumont every day, but it's simply not enough.

"At this point, we're losing ground. The sandbags are being taken just as fast as they're being filled," said Joe Plummer, Jefferson County Emergency Management.

Twenty Air National Guard members have been helping firefighters and other volunteers and everybody's getting a little tired.

"It is very labor intensive. These bags are approximately 50 pounds. As soon as we are loading them up they're being taken away," said Sr. Master Sergeant Helen crouch, 174th Air National Guard.

The sandbags are being taken away by people like Dale Streeter, whose camp on Guffin Bay is flooded.

"This is amazing. If I had more time, I'd come down and help, I really would, because this is a godsend," he said.

The county legislature chair is asking Governor Cuomo for more help.

"We have asked the state to double, double up on the National Guard. We've asked for more sand. We've asked for more sandbags," said Scott Gray, legislature chair.

Wednesday afternoon, Gray said the request was granted for more National Guard help as well as a sandbagging machine.

But even though operations will ramp up further, it may still not be enough.

"Not going to be no winning battle. This isn't going to go down 'til the end of June," said Seery.

But to keep fighting, more is needed - more sand. more sandbags, more volunteers.

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