Meet The Samaritan Summit Village Sisters

Meet The Samaritan Summit Village Sisters

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Meet the Mexdorf sisters.

Over the last 3 years, Doris, Irene, and Van have each moved into Samaritan Summit Village near Watertown.

Doris, the oldest, is 92. If you ask her family, they'll tell you she's the talkative one.

Her sisters, Irene and Evangeline, also known as Van, are 89 year old twins. Ask the family about them and you'll find out growing up they could be the mischievous ones - pulling classic pranks like swapping clothes to fool a teacher.

"She couldn't tell us apart then," said Van.

"She said don't ever do that to me again 'cause I'd get her papers and she'd get mine," said Irene.

"And her papers were better than mine," said Van.

Confusing the two is a mistake people still make.

"They'll say, hi Van, to me and I'll say, no, I'm the other one," said Van.

Some even confuse the three of them for triplets.

But aside from similar looks, what they really have in common is something a little different - a love for onion sandwiches.

"Onions," they all said. "Oh, yes."

"Vidalia onions are the best. Slice 'em as thin as you can, put 'em in two slices of bread and you've got an onion sandwich, which is very good," said Doris.

The sisters say that's probably something their dad brought from Germany.

Their parents used to make them when the sisters were growing up in Depauville.

Even living close together, the Mexdorf sisters say they don't get as much time together as they'd like, but they're glad to have the time they do.

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