Meet The General Part 2

Meet The General Part 2

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The 10th Mountain Division is one of the most deployed divisions of the U.S. Army and we continue our conversation with its commander.  Major General Walter Piatt sat down with 7 News anchor Jeff Cole. See 'Meet the General' Thursday on 7 News at 6.

Major General Walter Piatt, the new commander of the 10th Mountain Division, paints a picture of how the ability to train intensively at Fort Drum is one of the post's greatest assets.

"The most important part of Fort Drum is our training area. It's vital to us that we prepare for a future that's unknown," he said.

That means boots on the ground with the conventional tools of war and, at Fort Drum, all of that can happen in one place.

"We bring in our personal weapon, our rifle, we bring in machine guns, we bring in mortars, we bring in artillery, rotary wing attack helicopters and fixed wing aircraft from the Air Force with unmanned assets. All that brought together is the enablers that I would have on the battlefield," said General Piatt.

But the commander points out that Fort Drum needs to be ready to change as the enemy starts to use unconventional ways to wage war.

"Our adversaries now have access to rapidly evolving technology and they can build means to threaten us without building an army," he said.

And training for that needs to happen at Fort Drum in order to make the post sustainable in the future.

"What's critical for us is the training area that allows us to do that," said General Piatt. "I've got to make sure that our installation, our training area, will not only meet the readiness of today, but will also set conditions so we remain relevant for tomorrow."

He said to expect training to pick up this summer on post.

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