Fishing Poles Given Out In Memory Of Morristown Student

Fishing Poles Given Out In Memory Of Morristown Student

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As students at Morristown Central School get ready for summer vacation, they're each getting a special gift - a fishing pole dedicated to Morristown senior Mitchell Heimbach, who died after he was hit by a car in April.

"We know that Mitchell wants everybody to make memories. If you have a best friend, go out and spend some time with that friend," said Brenda Delosh, Mitchell's mother.

Mitchell's mother has collected more than 150 fishing rods. She handed them out to junior high and high school students at Morristown's "moving-up ceremony" Monday.

"Mitchell was just everything to this school. He was the greatest senior ever. He had so many things to look forward to. He was hard-working even though he was the biggest jokester around," said Tiffany Lopez, Morristown High School junior.

"He'd help out anybody. He loved the outdoors and he loved to fish," said Doug McQueer, Morristown superintendent.

Now that Mitchell's parents have given out fishing poles to students in the 7th through 11th grades, the next step is to collect 120 more poles for the elementary school students.

"This is why you're doing it: to make sure that these kids have a life outside of the computers and being bored and things that they always say every summer," said Delosh.

Students say they can have fun this summer in places like Mitchell's favorite fishing spot on Black Lake.

"And it embodies him and embodies who he was to keep him alive in spirit," said Savanna Barse, Morristown High School junior.

You can donate fishing poles at the following locations:

  • The Log Cabins Store and Cabin Rentals on County Route 6 in Morristown
  • Mack's Inn on County Route 6 in Morristown
  • Chapman's Sport Shop and Marina on County Route 6 in Morristown
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