Stefanik Calls Shooting 'Shocking' And 'Horrifying'

Stefanik Calls Shooting 'Shocking' And 'Horrifying'

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North country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and her staff are accounted for and safe after a gunman opened fire at a baseball practice involving congressional Republicans.

Stefanik was in a car and on the way to a meeting when she heard the news.

"It was shocking and horrifying. It was particularly shocking when it included Steve Scalise's name, a colleague who I work with, have served with, consider a good friend," said Stefanik.

Congressman Steve Scalise, a member of the House Republican leadership, was shot Wednesday along with four others during a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. He was in stable condition Wednesday afternoon.

Scalise, the House of Representatives majority whip (shown above with Stefanik), and two law enforcement officers were among those injured in the shooting.

The shooter, identified as 66 year old James Hodgkinson, was shot and killed.

Republican members of Congress were at the field practicing for the annual congressional charity game that pits Republicans against Democrats.

State Sen. Joe Griffo also released a statement:

"I am deeply troubled by this morning’s shooting attack upon a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, and my hopes and prayers for a full and fast recovery are with everyone who was injured today. We all must condemn this act of violence and depravity, and I anxiously await answers to understand why this disturbed individual apparently targeted these representatives of our democracy. Among the victims was House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a good man whom I had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know several years ago. I found Congressman Scalise to be a very talented and amiable public servant, and I wish him and the other victims all the best in their recovery. I also commend the Capitol Police for their swift action in preventing this attack from escalating any further, and for apprehending the gunman so hopefully he will face justice for his cowardly actions."

Charles Schumer, the U.S. Senate minority leader, released these remarks:

"I join with the Majority Leader in offering our prayers for those who were injured.

"I was absolutely shaken by the news of a shooting early this morning at the baseball field in Alexandria where many of my friends and colleagues were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game; an event that brings us together each year.

"It’s been reported that Representative Scalise, the House Whip, was shot during the attack, as were two brave members of the Capitol Police force and others, including a staffer. Let us pray that they -- and any others who were injured -- are able to recover quickly.                                                        

"This morning is the most sobering a reminder of how thankful we should be for the service of the Capitol Police force, who put their lives on the line day-in and day-out for us to be safe. I could not be more grateful that Capitol Police were there at the time to prevent this attack from being any worse than it was. I was with Senator Paul in the gym, who had been there, and he told me had these two Capitol Police officers who were part of Congressman Scalise’s detail not been there it might have been a massacre cause there would have been no one to respond. Their bravery is exemplary of all Capitol Police force and we thank them.

"The entire Senate family sends its thoughts and prayers to those who were wounded and our gratitude to the police officers and first responders who were at the scene."

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