Former Classmate Honors Trooper Davis With Special Picture

Former Classmate Honors Trooper Davis With Special Picture

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Trooper Joel Davis was honored at a sports awards show this week by a man who says Davis was as good as they come.

It might seem like a small memorial, but a picture means the world to Wilfredo Williams, a man who graduated high school with Davis nearly 20 years ago.

Sports fans across the nation tuned in to the ESPY Awards on ABC Wednesday and the band providing all the in-house music took a time out that day to take a picture honoring Davis' life -- all because of lead singer Wilfredo Williams.

"When you think of somebody like that, somebody that can just change your mood just in an instant -- that was Joel," Williams said in a phone interview.

Before Williams moved out to the West Coast, he spent time in the north country as a military kid. His father was stationed on Fort Drum -- 

He attended Indian River High School where he met a guy who he still to this day calls his buddy: Joel Davis.

"Every time you saw this guy, he didn't even have to open his mouth, you just laughed," Williams said, "and that was Joel. 

Williams and Davis were teammates and part of the Indian River Central School class of 1998. The last time they saw each other was last year at the annual Indian River alumni basketball game.

"Our relationship was always smiles."

During a rehearsal this week he got his band together on the ESPYs stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to honor who he calls a close friend with a picture, which for Williams tells a thousand words.

"When the news broke to me, I really, like, I broke down. When you see somebody positive like that go down like that that has an impact on so many people get just taken from us like that -- I felt it was something I needed to do. "

Williams won't be able to make the services this weekend, but he says Davis' love is lifelong lasting  and stretches across the entire country.

"Just seeing a motorcade of love, you know, and all those people out there and seeing some of my old classmates -- i was just like 'wow, man just look at what this dude has done for his community.'"

Williams also says his thoughts and prayers are with the entire Davis family through this difficult time.

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