After Damaging Waves on Lake Ontario, Neighbors There to Lend a

After Damaging Waves on Lake Ontario, Neighbors There to Lend a Hand

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The residents of Sawyers Bay near Henderson know what it means to be a good neighbor.

"We got up this morning and just started going down the shore and all of a sudden everybody came out to help everybody else and that's what we do down here," said Mark Randall, of Sawyers Bay.

Residents said 8 to 9 foot waves came crashing along the shoreline of Sawyers Bay on Lake Ontario Saturday, ripping up the links family's deck.

Sunday afternoon, with shovels, rakes and tractors, dozens of neighbors came to clean up what was left - along with the rocks, and plastic that washed up on the shore.

Neighbors also helped clean up 90-year-old Betty Smith's yard next door. She's lived there for more than 50 years.

"I've never seen it like this," Smith said.

Up the shoreline at Morgia's Beach in Sackets Harbor,  another group of neighbors was removing pile after pile of seaweed that had washed up on their lawns.. They said they had over 20 mile per hour winds on Saturday - the highest they said they'd this season.

"The waves were coming over the wall for 12 hours, mother nature gave us everything that was in that lake and puts it on your lawn. So the next day is clean up day," Bruce Morgia said.

However, this is nothing new. Neighbors have had to do a lot of shoreline clean up with year.

"This is probably the 20th time this season since April's high water that we started cleaning the yards," Morgia said.

It's the same story for the residents of Sawyers Bay thanks to the high water levels.. But they said the cleanup this time around was a little different.

"This is the worst one we've had this year, the water's gone down about a foot but it doesn't do any good when they winds that strong," Randall said.

Thanks to helping hands, this clean up is only a one day job.

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