Lowville Threatens Fines For Excessive Water Use

Lowville Threatens Fines For Excessive Water Use

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The village of Lowville is doubling down on its order to conserve water.

In a notice issued Tuesday morning, village officials said people who violate the mandatory order to reduce water consumption will be ticketed and fined.

The village asked residents late last month to voluntarily conserve water. And now they're not asking.

"A steady decline in the water level in our reservoir has triggered this notice," village officials say.

Part of the blame goes to a new string cheese line at Kraft Heinz, which is using substantially more water.

"Not too long ago we had very, very high usage and we have really have just not been able to catch up from that usage two weeks ago," said Lowville Mayor Donna Smith.

The water tank in Lowville that holds 3 days worth of water has only 8 feet of water left in it.

If there's a high demand all at once, it could drain that tank dry.

But, with all the precipitation we've gotten, how is that possible?

"When we get rain, it causes higher turbidity, forces the filters to work harder, and clogs the filters faster. In that situation, we're not able to send as much water to the water storage tank as we would like," said Thomas Compo, Lowville Public Works superintendent.

Village officials say the order prohibits people from hauling water, washing cars, filling swimming pools, and watering lawns.

Officials say residents should limit how much they do laundry and not use water unless it's necessary.

Compo says the water department will ticket and fine residents not conserving water. However, he also says it hasn't been determined how much those fines will be.

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