Some Still Unconvinced By City's Washington Street Plan

Some Still Unconvinced By City's Washington Street Plan

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When it comes to traffic at a busy intersection in Watertown, the city says its goal is to ensure safe travel for all users.

But some people still have questions about the city's plans to solve concerns about traffic on Washngton Street in front of the schools.

A student was hit by a car while crossing the street earlier this year. 

The city council hosted a "road diet" information session Tuesday night to tell people about the plan to reduce four lanes to two, plus a center turn lane.

But leaders heard from people who don't think that will get the job done.

"There are so many holes left," said Jeri Gosier, who presented an alternate plan to city officials last month. 

""I think it's good to know that the community people are really trying to work together on this and we all have a similar goal that we want it slowed down, we want it safe," she said, "but not one person was really sold on this plan tonight and that is definitely disconcerting."

Some people believe the number of crosswalks on Washington Street should be reduced and a crossing guard stationed there. 

There are also concerns about drivers speeding. 

Police Chief Charles Donoghue said his department will ramp up patrols and gather more information.

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