Confusion Surrounds Town Of Canton Money Shuffle

Confusion Surrounds Town Of Canton Money Shuffle

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Some town of Canton residents are upset and confused over how taxpayer money is being shuffled around -- from the town to the town supervisor, back to the town, and then to the town's supervisor's wife.

Supervisor David Button has a salary of just over $14,000 per year on paper, but has actually been paid much more.

He says he was paid that for bookkeeping duties his wife used to do.

At a meeting Wednesday night, the town council looked set to hike his salary to the higher level, but that was called off and a new plan unveiled.

“In exchange for me paying back to the town those monies that I received for my bookkeeping responsibilities," Button said before the meeting, "the town board in turn will authorize me to disburse those funds, less a retirement adjustment, back to our former bookkeeper and my wife.”

At one point in the meeting, town attorney Charles Nash showed the public the $74,000 check Button had written to pay back the town just that day. 

He confirmed Button's account of the deal, saying the council would be asked at its next meeting to approve paying $58,000 to Button's wife.

“Aside from going back two years, and changing, you know, what transpired," town Councilman Phil LaMarche said, "this was the best possible way that I have seen.”

But that didn't make sense to many people attending. They said they are still confused by the whole saga and don't know where it will end.

“There's a dollar figure that people are uncomfortable with that is floating around where nobody really knows what happened with that money and why it's been used the way it's been used,” town resident Charles Rouse said.

This isn't the end of the story. At a meeting in four weeks the council will have to decide whether or not to pay Denise Button the $58,000.

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