State Covers Co-pays For Anti-Overdose Medication

State Covers Co-pays For Anti-Overdose Medication

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Patricia Signor is a pharmacist at Bolton's Pharmacy in Watertown.

She says a few times a month, a patient will come in with a prescription for Naloxone, better known as Narcan, which reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

While the person's insurance covers most of the cost of this medication, there's a still a co-pay for the prescription.

"All our plans have been small co-pays. Free, $1, and $3.70," said Signor.

Now, New York state is picking up the co-pay for this life saving medication - up to $40.

So instead of the person paying for the co-pay, the pharmacy sends the bill to the state. Depending on your insurance, the medication can be completely covered.

Signor says Bolton's is working on becoming one of these pharmacies.

For someone who isn't insured, there are opioid overdose prevention programs in the north country that offer naloxone for free. But you can't just walk in and ask for it.

"They can ask to sign up to be trained for the Narcan training and they'll be provided with a kit and how to use it in case they come across somebody who's overdosed with opiates," said Dr. Cynthia Provow, St. Lawrence County Chemical Dependency Services.

Here's a county by county list of places where overdose prevention programs are offered.

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