Decaying Bridge Prevents Dexter From Using Prime Recreation Spot

Decaying Bridge Prevents Dexter From Using Prime Recreation Spot

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What's holding up the bridge to Fish Island in Dexter? Apparently, not much.

"The I-beams have literally rotted away. The centers are gone out of the I-beams," said Dexter Mayor Jim Eves.

Last fall, the bridge, which was built in the 1930's, was condemned and closed. And that's a problem.

On the other side is Fish Island, the village's prime recreation site. It has a park, trails, river access and a hydro plant.

"This is the only way on and off the island. So it means a lot, having this closed," said Eves.

There is a plan to replace the bridge. The county is getting designs for a new $2.5 million span that may be built next year or the year after.

That won't be soon enough for some.

"From last October, the day we closed it, right up 'til today, we get phone calls. They miss it. You know, young, old, and in between, everybody's missed it," said Eves.

That includes several rafting companies, which found the island perfect.

"We very much hope for Fish Island to get reopened next year. It's much more spacious area, it's much prettier, much more convenient," said Alex Atchie, Adirondack River Outfitters.

one bright spot is that the new span will most likely be better - a little higher for more clearance underneath, and of course, dependable and safe.

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