North Country Natives In Florida Brace For Irma

North Country Natives In Florida Brace For Irma

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As heavy winds and rains from Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean, Dara and Kevin Oliver from Sackets Harbor are preparing their home in Melborne Beach, Florida for the Category 5 hurricane.

"We have hurricane shutters, we've got some plywood, we're going to be putting things up, we're taking things down, our flag pole and our flag," said Dara.

The storm hit the Caribbean Wednesday. Forecasts say it will hit Florida on Sunday. That means Florida residents are scrambling to stock up on food and water.

"there's not a case of water to be found in probably 15 miles," said Dara.

At gas stations, cars are lined up as people fill up their tanks.

"It went up 20 cents overnight and the lines at the gas pumps are just crazy right now. We were prepared. We had gas tanks and extra, so we filled up everything we had," said Dara.

Meanwhile, Oliver's kids' school has already been cancelled until further notice.

Ogdensburg native Wendy Gonshor now lives in Panama City Beach and is also preparing for the storm. She's watching the hurricane's path to see if her family needs to evacuate and head north to Birmingham, Alabama.

"You kinda make a family trip out of it. You pack the car and try to find a location that we know it's not going to come anywhere near and make the best of it," said Gonshor.

AAA in Watertown says it has had to help a few travelers who had trips planned to areas where the hurricane is expected to hit.

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