North Country Natives In Florida Worry As Irma Approaches

North Country Natives In Florida Worry As Irma Approaches

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The store shelves are empty, gas is running out at the pumps and evacuations are in order. Hurricane Irma is creeping up and it's only the calm before the storm for some.

Jim Goslin was born and raised in Watertown and now lives in Cape Coral, Florida. Although there wasn't a mandatory evacuation where Goslin lives, he decided to escape to Georgia.

"We've had a couple tropical storms in southwest Florida, but no hurricanes on the southwest side. We were prepared. We put hurricane shutters up on our house, put things up high so that if we get flood waters, they're not gonna get soaked and we left," he said.

With the severe weather making its way to Cape Coral, Goslin says he had no other choice.

"The reality is if we're not out before Saturday and Sunday, you will not get out," he said.

Kirstine Gates is facing a similar problem in Tampa Bay. Her family owns and operates a dairy farm in Gouverneur and she visits from time to time. Gates' area was put under evacuation within the last 24 hours, and she's not sure whether to stay or not.

"I'm wondering, oh gosh, are they gonna evacuate me on Saturday and where the heck am I going to go? Because by then, all the hotels are booked up. There's only one way to go which is north. It's kinda like hunker down or get on the road but being on the road is so dangerous," she said.

She says everything is running empty, but this is really just the beginning.

"Besides all that happening, it's just the calm before the storm is really what's going on here," she said.

As for Goslin, he has fled already to Georgia and now he says Irma may force him to leave there, too.

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