Watertown Bus Backup Prompts Change In Student Drop-Off Spots

Watertown Bus Backup Prompts Change In Student Drop-Off Spots

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Dropping off students at Watertown High School and Case Middle School has changed for parents and bus drivers, but the new traffic pattern caused issues before school Thursday morning.

"Despite the pouring rain, I could see headlights all the way down the road and I knew that was an issue," district Superintendent Patti LaBarr said.

LaBarr says the problem was the new drop-off point for buses. They dropped off middle and high school students under the bridge connecting the two buildings.

However, there was only room for five or six buses, causing a backup all the way to Myrtle Avenue and Green Street. 

So on Friday, bus drivers will drop off students the old way.

"We're going back to where we dropped our students off in front of Watertown High School for Case and Watertown High School last year," LaBarr said.

Parents will still drop off middle school students on Green Street. High school parents and student drivers will continue to go to the south lot. 

LaBarr says the district will continue assessing each day's school commute and adapt to the new traffic pattern on Washington Street.

"It's really important for us to not just look at it one day at a time and make a change," she said. "It's really the long term."

District officials plan to meet Friday after classes start to decide on a long-term solution. 

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