Your Turn: Feedback On Bridge, Communist & $10M For Watertown

Your Turn: Feedback On Bridge, Communist & $10M For Watertown

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The County Route 24 bridge in Russell is so badly rusted school buses full of children can no longer cross it.  Inspectors say the span can now carry no more than 10 tons:

Wouldn’t you think this bridge should have been a priority years ago. That’s ridiculous they aren’t replacing it for two more years.

Naomi Weller Scovil

Better safe than sorry. Children will manage on a little longer ride on a bus.

Sue Towner

A Fort Drum soldier who posted pro-communist sentiments on social media has drawn the ire of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. The former Republican presidential candidate wants Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone kicked out of the Army:

He should get kicked out. I don't believe you can swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution and be an avowed communist at the same time.

Chris Crawford

Harmless ideology. People see communist and go nuts. So silly.

Patrick Hill

Senator Rubio is allowed his opinion, but it is not his call to make.

Anthony Richard Cory

The city of Watertown is getting $10 million to revitalize its downtown. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the award last week:

Hoping some of that money goes toward culture - beefing up the art gallery, adding music and craft classes.

Jeanine Cornaire Cantrell

Adding to JCC would also be a good investment.

Caitlin Houppert

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