Ceilings Cave In At Watertown Apartment Building

Ceilings Cave In At Watertown Apartment Building

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All residents at McIntosh Apartments had to fight water coming through their ceilings Monday morning were buckets.

"I was sitting my living room doing some studies for JCC and all of a sudden I just heard a whoosh sound," said Timothy Jones, who lives on the third floor.

"I got up at like 9:30 this morning, and it was pouring right out of our kitchen sink and the cupboards, just like an open hose," said Chris O'Neil, who lives on the second floor.

The water collected on the three-story building's roof, which began to cave.

That caused water to rush into the ceiling and walls of Jones's top floor kitchen.

"I am very much so worried about not only the safety of the roofing, but the safety of my flooring," he said.

Fire crews unplugged a drain on the roof at around noon, but not before more water went into the second floor apartments, like where O'Neil lives.

"The fire department was awesome. They were rock stars. They got here within ten minutes of the call. They went up and cleaned the roof off," said O'Neil.

While the water on the roof was cleared before it got worse, residents in the six-unit building say they're worried about what's next.

"As far as we know, code enforcement's probably not going to get here until tomorrow, so we're without power for the night," said O'Neil.

"I am anticipating being forced to stay here because where can I go? What can I do? I don't have the means to just up and leave," said Jones.

It didn't take long for the fire crew to unclog the roof drain.

We've reached out to the landlords, but have yet to get in touch with them.

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