Controversy Continues For Canton Town Supervisor

Controversy Continues For Canton Town Supervisor

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The controversies won't go away for Canton Town Supervisor David Button. 

A new one has erupted over his hiking health insurance premiums for himself and two others without town board input. 

That and other questions led to a packed house at a town board meeting Wednesday night.

Button says it shouldn't be controversial for him to pay higher premiums. The board says it still wants a say. 

That prompted an exchange during which Button and other officials interrupted each other.

"And the board, no the board wasn't interested and the board couldn't do anything about it," Button said.

Town attorney Charles Nash said the town board is authorized to make decisions regarding health insurance. He claims Button is just plain wrong on that point.

"So, the town board has the right to do this," Nash said. "I don't care what you do with it, but it's got to be done right."

That's just one one of the questions that continue to swirl about Button. 

He says those questions are due simply to election year politics, but a number of citizens and town council members say their questions are legitimate.

"We never had this concern raised until election time came around in 2017," Button said.

Button is facing a challenge by Democrat Mary Ann Ashley in the November election. She was at Wednesday's meeting, but said nothing.

Others had plenty to say.

"If you can't recognize your public is here telling you that you have a public perception problem," Canton resident Danny Thomas said, "that echoes what the problem is."

Button's actions first came under scrutiny when town board members wanted to know more about a hike in salary he had given himself. 

He has since paid the money back and the state comptroller's office is doing an audit. 

Wednesday, Button pointed to efficiencies he has brought to town government during his 16 years at the helm and he was adamant in blaming politics for the whole brouhaha.


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