Video Puts Police, Parent At Odds

Video Puts Police, Parent At Odds

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Last Wednesday at Watertown High, the school's resource officer and a DARE officer, both members of the Watertown Police Department, arrested 17 year old student George Bullocks III for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Somebody was taking video which police say shows nothing very unusual.

"It shows a student who was resisting and the officers were trying to put him into their patrol vehicle," said Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue of the Watertown Police Department.

But there's part of the video that has Bullock's dad asking questions. He believes it shows something more.

"I saw his face get slammed against the glass and I saw what looked like a punch to me. Looked like a punch while he was in the back of that truck," said George Bullocks Jr.

Police say what can't be seen on the video is important. Bullocks had allegedly yelled, blocked the entrance to the school and threatened to fight with police and school staff.

"They were trying to get Mr. Bullocks into the vehicle. Another officer had to go around to the other side and was trying to pull him through," said Donoghue.

The resource officer worked from the other side and Donoghue says what may look like a punch was more like a shove.

"That's what it appears to be," said Donoghue.

"I disagree with that. It looked like a punch to me. He said he got punched in the ribs several times," said Bullocks.

Bullocks says his son is autistic and sometimes prone to causing trouble. He says his son got a five day suspension along with the criminal charges and now he thinks police should pay for their actions as well.

But city police say there is no investigation into the officers and no disciplinary action has been taken.

School Superintendent Patti LaBarr said the incident is under investigation by the district. She won't say exactly what that investigation entails, but says there could be some further developments.

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