Should Sick Inmate Be Allowed To Go Home?

Should Sick Inmate Be Allowed To Go Home?

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Weapons and drug charges, then a probation violation sent 54 year old Vincent Pratt to the St. Lawrence County Jail.

He's due to get out in July, but he might not live that long.

His wife says Vincent is now terminal, with rapidly spreading cancer.

"He's pretty frail; his pain levels are really high. He's lost a lot of weight," said Cindy Pratt.

When Vincent became ill in jail, he was transferred to a state prison hospital in Rome.

Cindy believes he has less than a month to live and is in a frantic fight to get him out so Vincent can die at home.

The one county provision to let him go home is a probationary release. However, that won't work because the reason Vincent was jailed was a probation violation.

His wife said he violated probation by testing positive for drugs.

"All of the other programs like a medical release or a compassionate release, they're available but they're only available to state or federal inmates and Vincent is not considered that," said Cindy.

So far all of her pleas, phone calls and letters, have fallen on deaf ears. Jail inmates often don't get much sympathy.

"And I understand a lot of people say, you know what, you did the crime, do the time, but this is beyond their sentence. Being terminally ill, dealing with all of your pain, your loss of family," said Cindy.

Right now, Cindy is visiting her husband at the prison hospital in Rome once a week. But she knows the day is coming soon.

"I'll get a phone call, they'll tell me he's dead and what do I want to do with the body. That's what they'll say. We're finished with him now, you can have him back," she said.

St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells told us since Pratt is now in a state facility, it's up to state officials to release him. Others we spoke with, said the decision rests with the county.

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