Your Turn: Feedback On Suspected Predators, Ill Inmate & Raw Mil

Your Turn: Feedback On Suspected Predators, Ill Inmate & Raw Milk

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Two men traveled from Vermont to Jefferson County, where authorities say they expected to meet a boy in Depauville for a sexual encounter. The suspects allegedly used social media to send illicit texts, chats and images. The exchanges were discovered by the parent:

I applaud these parents for being watchful and protecting their child.

Trina Tuttle

Kids shouldn't be on the internet and phones.

Kim Bain

It's not the internet, it's social media. Children are not socially ready for social media.

Samantha Stowell

Should a terminally ill county inmate be allowed to come home to die? It's a battle an Ogdensburg woman is fighting on behalf of her jailed husband:

If you did wrong and were sentenced, you do your time. No special treatment.

Karen Haverstock Potter

He should be allowed to go home to die. At this point, who is he hurting?

Cathy White

There’s a warning out about the dangers of drinking so-called “raw” milk. However, a local farmer says his raw milk is safe to drink:

As a dairy farmer, I do not support selling unpasteurized milk. Pasteurization is a proven process and ensures milk is readily digestible.

Julia Robbins

Been drinking raw cow and goat milk my whole life. I'm near 70 and haven't been sick from milk.

Boman Beau Bushor

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