Teens & E-Cigs, Premature Births, Identifying Dementia

Teens & E-Cigs, Premature Births, Identifying Dementia

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Teenagers who use e-cigarettes are at a higher risk for getting hooked on traditional cigarettes. 

A study in the journal Pediatrics followed 800 high school students over three years. 

It found the use of e-cigarettes was a significant predictor of which students would eventually smoke regular cigarettes.

Premature Birth Risks

A new study finds that premature birth alters the blood blow to the baby's brain. 

Researchers in Washington say the fetal brain goes through a growth spurt in the third trimester. 

In a full-term baby, that growth happens inside the womb, where the mother's heartbeat stimulates brain maturity.

Identifying Dementia

Doctors in Canada are developing a simple new tool to help identify people on the path to dementia. 

The idea is to use cognitive charts, similar to the growth charts used for children. 

Doctors would track patients' cognitive scores over time, making it easier to monitor any decline before irreversible damage occurs.

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