Frigid Temps & Deep Snow Can Wreak Havoc For Homeowners & Basket

Frigid Temps & Deep Snow Can Wreak Havoc For Homeowners & Basketball Players

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The sign in front of the Dulles State Office Building on Washington Street in Watertown might say it is just 5 degrees outside, but it feels much colder.

“It is the north country and unfortunately we look forward to it every year,” Brent Zimmerman said.

With the wind chill, temperatures could drop to as low as minus 19 degrees as the week goes on.

As the temperatures continue to plummet,Watertown City Fire Chief Dale Herman says there are some things homeowners should do to stay warm and safe.

“Maintain your heating appliance in good operating order,” he said. “Try to seal up any drafts that may affect your pipes and plumbing fixtures and causing them to freeze."

Herman says fires are tough to battle in the cold, adding that using supplemental heating appliances such as space heaters and attempting to thaw frozen pipes with an open flame are two of the main things that cause fires during the winter months.

“Fighting fires in these frigid temperatures are problematic in itself because we simply just move slower in the cold weather,” he said. “Taking a few minutes ahead of time may prevent those freeze-ups or the need for supplemental heat." 

It’s not just the cold that’s causing problems. One local school had to postpone some holiday hoops because of the many feet of snow that hit some areas of the north country.

General Brown’s annual holiday basketball tournament is one that is played between three Oswego County schools and General Brown.

The Lions are hosting it this year.

“They were talking about the fact how they have four feet of snow and how they have kids that couldn't even get out of their house yesterday and their driveways are full of snow,” Nortz said. “They haven't been able to get to school for practice." 

And Nortz says it’s all about safety.

“We’re not going to risk kids’ lives getting out of the houses and things like that,” he said 

Whether it's mounting snow or temperatures well below zero, officials say when the weather is this bad, it always pays to air on the side of caution.

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