Shoveling & Shivering In NNY

Shoveling & Shivering In NNY

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Thursday's bitter, record-setting cold came after feet of snow fell on parts of the north country.

It was a one-two punch that left people digging out and shivering.

In Lowville Thursday, the clean-up continued despite the bitter cold.

Joe Virkler, president of V.S. Virkler & Son, said "We came in about 2:30. I think it was around 25 to 30 below."

The company does snow removal, and Joe and and his workers were out all morning and into the afternoon clearing truck load after truck load of snow from parking lots around Lowville.

In temperatures like Thursday's, (Lowville peaked at 0 degrees Thursday afternoon) they cut the gas in their equipment with kerosene and used a special additive to keep it from gelling up.

And to Virkler, the cold wasn't the worst of it - in his 30 years with the company, he's rarely seen this much snow dumped by one storm.

"I've only seen this probably 2 or 3 times since I've been doing it," he said.

Along route 12, sticks were strapped onto reflector poles in order for them to be seen over the towering snow banks.

And if you didn't have a plow or snow blower, you did what Brad Lyndaker did. Take shovel in hand to help a family friend dig out.

"No, I'm not cold," he said. "Just keep working! If you get cold just go in and warm up with a hot cup of coffee and you're good to go again."

There will be lots of chances to warm up with coffee over the next several days - temperatures aren't expected to moderate much through Monday night, with every night forecast to be below zero, including  minus16 Thursday night and minus 20 Sunday night.

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