Winter Storm Driving Tips

Some Helpful Tips When Driving Through a Whiteout

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Keep both hands on the wheel, drive steady, and slow.

Those are the common rules when driving through a winter storm and as Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Randy Bachmeyer said, there's more to staying safe.

"If you find yourself driving for longer periods in a snow-type environment, when it's safe to do so, clean off your tail lights as often as possible," said Randy Bachmeyer, Deputy Sheriff of Jefferson County.

Bachmeyer stated that's because when there's little to no visibility in a winter whiteout, sometimes the best thing to do is just follow the driver in front of you, with plenty of room in between you and them.

And when you're trying to get to a destination, what's most important is:

"Patience. It's better to get  there late than never. I say that to everybody on almost a daily basis," said Bachmeyer.

There's no doubt that it can be quite difficult to drive in whiteout conditions during the wintertime, but it's times like fueling up at the pump when people realize what they do to stay safe.

"To be honest with you, if there's a car ahead of me I try to watch the brake lights. It's not safe to pull over because someone could run into you," said Great Bend resident, Kingsley Malcolm. "So just slow down, make sure you have control of the vehicle and drive safely."

That something's Deputy Bachmeyer agrees with, but as far as hazard lights go:

"By the law, it's not something you're supposed to do. Obviously, it's a safer thing to do than not drive with them on," stated Bachmeyer.

So, whether you're driving near or far in a whiteout, always remember to pay close attention to the road, drive slower if need be, and if it's really bad, check the weather and wait for the storm to pass, knowing that it's better to get to where you need to go later, rather than never.

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