While We're Inside, They're Equipped for the Cold

While We're Inside, They're Equipped for the Cold

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The Thompson Park Zoo remains open in the subzero temperatures, even as local events are canceled and are churches closed. And the animals at the zoo - which are largely caged outside - stay outside year round despite the temperature.

Zoo officials say that all of these animals are native to New York, which means that they're all well-adapted to the winter.

"They are very well adapted to the cold temperatures, but we do take some extra precautions, said Amanda Paddock, a curator at the zoo said.

These extra precautions include dens full of hay, a heat lamp for a female bald eagle, and heated water buckets full of drinking water - and for the otters, they have heated pools and heated cement pads. Otters she says, have an extra thick layer of fur that traps the air and that then provides insulation for the otters in the wintertime.

"That air actually helps to insulate them and keeps them keeps them warm enough, so when they swim around and that type of thing, they are still actually dry underneath," Paddock said.

The state zoo is open year round and although there are less visitors in the wintertime, Haleigh Schultes, the marketing and financial development specialist for the zoo says that the animals are more fun to see in the winter because they are more active and playful in the snow.

"So our busiest season is obviously the summertime. We like to stay open in the wintertime because you can still have a great experience learning how the animals act in the wintertime and it's my personal opinion that the animals are even more fun to see in the wintertime because they are so active and they are really out enjoying the snow," said Schultes.

So while we're shivering in the cold... most of these animals are made for this..

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