Your Turn: Feedback On Bus, Bail & McCarthy:

Your Turn: Feedback On Bus, Bail & McCarthy:

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The fate of Freeman Bus Corporation is up in the air as it's likely to lose its last major contract, one with the Watertown City School District. By law, the district is required to go with the lowest "responsible" bid, and First Student came in with a significantly lower one:

Cheap is not better. I really hope this falls through! Our dedicated drivers don’t deserve this.

Jessica Pitcher

Maybe they should have bid a little lower; can't blame the school for giving the job to the lowest bidder.

Ron Schofell

If Governor Cuomo gets his way, criminal defendants will no longer have to post monetary bail in misdemeanor and non-violent felony cases  He says it's unfair to those with no financial resources:

Don't commit crimes and you don't have to worry about bail.

Herbert Simonds

Innocent until proven guilty. If you pose no threat or flight risk, there should be no bail.

Debra Dunkirk

Why doesn't he buy them a steak dinner and put them up at the Ritz.

Deniz Shawn Doolittle

Monsignor Robert J. McCarthy, a colorful and well-known Catholic priest in northern New York, died Saturday morning. He was 99:

Ministered to the carnival workers for years; had a huge heart. He has a special place in heaven.

Dave Touron

He was very personable. He always had a smile on his face.

Jo-Ann Nevin

Heaven has gained another angel.

Brenda Pratt Clancy

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