People Enjoying Warmer Weather

People Enjoying Warmer Weather

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Whether you're walking or driving through Public Square on a winter day, you probably haven't recognized that for 18 years, Johnny Eaton has been shoveling sidewalks free of charge.

Eaton has lived on the square since he was in his 20s, and more than a decade later, he still doesn't mind shoveling, no matter how cold it might be. However, he says it is nice when it starts to warm up.

"Often at times, the ice and snow come off the sidewalks a lot easier with this tool when it's a little warmer and everything. So therefore, it's a great comfort to having the ability to get this ice off," he said.

Watertown reached a high in the 30s Tuesday - quite a change from the frigid sub-zero temperatures in the past week.

Over at Cutting Edge Snow Removal, Colby King works day and night plowing parking lots and driveways in the winter months. King says this season is unlike any other he's experienced as a driver.

"This year's definitely been a weird one. It goes from cold to warm to warm to cold and it makes plowing a little bit difficult at times. But, other times it's a cakewalk," he said.

King also says when the cold temperatures let up, it gives him and his co-workers the opportunity to relax for a short time.

"Less work we have to do and more time to rest and get ready for the next storm," he said.

Over the next few days, it will get warm before it gets cold again and back to reality.

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