Rhonda's FooteWorks announces a new location for its Lowville studio. Effective December 1st, the dance studio will move from its current Shady Avenue location to Double Play/the Old St. Peter's School. The studio will have a full time classroom and use of the gymnasium for its dance classes. Says Director, Rhonda Foote, "This move is very advantageous in many ways. We have room for larger classes, and a home for our Outreach productions to be held right here, in Lowville. The parking lot is large and easily accessible, and the incorporation of more community events will be a plus for our studio." Miss Foote also says the move coincides with the announcement of a new Assistant Director in the Lowville location, Miss Nicole Manzer will be on full time staff and act as the Lowville Assistant Director effective December 1st. Nicole Manzer was Rhonda's first student 26 years ago, her first student demonstrator, and her first assistant instructor. "Nicky's" return to the Lowville community led to her volunteering at the studio. Rhonda and Nicky both marveled at how they seemed to have "never missed a beat" working together, and how well Nicky innately understood the needs and goals of the studio in this community. Rhonda is excited to see how this community studio will grow with Nicole's added care and attention and the possibilities of the new location. To recognize these positive changes, Rhonda's FooteWorks is running a Winter Registration Special. Please email rfwdance@gmail.com for further information.