There are some new “Movers and Shakers” at Fort Drum! The Pretty Hard Corps Dance Company is comprised of student members and a performance troupe (Kirsten Hancock, Hoonam Kim, Heather Williams and Sara Wallace). The company owner and troupe director, Kirsten Hancock (Krisenna), is a certified Hot Pot ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) instructor. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and has been a professional performer and choreographer for numerous years. She has been a military wife for eight years and has first hand knowledge of the unique challenges military families face. Kirsten is convinced that the ITS dance style surpasses the usual healing effects of many other dance forms and credits the creator of ITS, Amy Sigil (Director of Unmata) and her original ITS instructors, Jenna Harder and Christina Gonzales of Shimmy Shakti Studios, with introducing a powerfully therapeutic way to cope with deployments and other taxing situations military wives face. . In her words, “Hot Pot ITS is a system that presents experienced dancers and novices alike with the types of challenging moments that will take you from heart thumping to fist pumping! The system requires you to be present and connect with other dancers as the group creates an artistic interpretation of music. There are opportunities to be bold, creative and expressive if you know the rules and ways to incorporate dynamics.” The Mission Statement on the website states: It is my goal to share the magic of ITS with military wives around the nation. This style of dance has changed my life. It has been an escape from the stress of military life, and the dance community has been my strength and support system when my husband is called away. Pretty Hard Corps Dance will be hosting dance wellness sessions at no charge to military wives. We will be going over intro ITS moves and technique, but the focus will be on the fun and social bonds that naturally occur through learning this beautiful dance style. Krisenna