Rhonda Foote, Director and Owner of Rhonda's FooteWorks in Watertown, NY was honored to receive the Community Change Award of 2013 on July 24th, 2013. The award was presented in recognition of Ms. Foote's "spirit and dedication to reach out and make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. You (Ms. Foote) recognize that all children, regardless of their abilities, love the joy that comes from the simple pleasures of childhood. The work you (Ms. Foote) have done to create an inclusive environment for the creative arts are enjoyed by this community. It is the spirit of embracing life with celebration that can, one act at a time, change the world." The award was presented by Northern Regional Center for Independent Living and based on the outreach performances by the studio's dance company; Ms. Foote's volunteer work with local children with special needs; and the studio's Open Hearts Program, which ran last Fall and offered free dance workshops to disabled children in our community. Rhonda's FooteWorks was established in 1987 and will enter its 27th season at its new location, The Top of The Square Plaza on Arsenal Street , on September 9th. For further information about the studio, please visit www.rhondasfooteworks.com .