Old Photos Give Historians Better Picture Of Fort Drum

Old Photos Give Historians Better Picture Of Fort Drum

WATERTOWN, NY (WWNY) - An 0-38 observation plane flies through the sky in a picture recently donated to the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum.

"This was quite the find for them to send us in with the information telling us exactly what kind of aircraft these were and when they were used. It also helps us understand what kind of airplanes were stationed here during that time frame," said Kent Bolke, museum curator.

That time frame Bolke is talking about is the 1920s and 30s. Fort Drum was known as Pine Camp back then.

The museum had no pictures of 0-38 planes until the daughter of Leonard Osobone, a former solider, donated photos from her dad's scrapbook.

"These are absolutely fantastic. We have very few aviation photos and we have very few photos from this time frame. So this is an absolute gem," said Bolke.

One historic photo shows an aerial view of Pine Camp in 1931.

"We've never had a picture from the air of this obviously it's not like Google maps existed at the time," said Bolke.

In other pictures, soldiers can be seen taking part in bomb and parachute training.

Some of the pictures can be found on the museum's Facebook page.

The originals will be archived and then some will possibly be put into the museum at a later date.

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