Tomorrow’s Health: better bacteria, fall injuries & long-term pot use

Tomorrow's Health 5/28/19

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Heart failure patients who have healthy levels of gut bacteria have a reduced risk of death and are less likely to need a heart transplant.

That's according to a new Norwegian study where researchers found patients are getting the good gut bacteria by eating more high-fiber foods and less meat.

Fall Injuries

A University of Michigan study finds the third-leading reason for hospital readmission among older adults is a fall-related injury.

Researchers say hospitals need to teach fall prevention before discharging any patient over age 65.

Long-Term Marijuana Use

Canadian researchers worry increased cannabis use among teenagers could leave them with long-term neurological problems.

They found students who used cannabis were more likely to experience impairments in their working memory and self-control.

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