City & Watertown Golf Club have deal, but lawmakers want things to move faster

Updated: Jun. 4, 2019 at 8:47 AM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Watertown Golf Club and the city have reached an agreement over parts of the golf club that spill over onto city-owned park land, but city council members say they want quicker action.

City manger Rick Finn updated lawmakers at their meeting Monday night about the Watertown Golf Club's use of city land not included in its lease.

It's a main argument in developer P.J. Simao's lawsuit against the city and the golf club. Finn says a letter of understanding was sent to the Watertown Golf Club.

"It's not a legal binding agreement, so I think that's important to clarify that," Finn said. "However, it is something that sets forth a time period on everyone of the items and that is something we definitely wanted to get."

The golf club will have to put a new septic system in and move its golf carts by July 30. The club has also agreed to move parking to another location on city land that will have to approved by council.

As for the water pump that's in the middle of city and golf course property, "We are proposing to put an easement that would basically cover the water main right up though the building," Finn said, "and it would be through an easement which would make it a legal use on that property."

Three other areas where tee boxes and sand traps are on city property will be redesigned after the golf season.

Council members say they think some action should be take sooner than July.

"It's not difficult to move these carts," council member Cody Horbacz said. "It wouldn't be difficult for us to put a fence up and stop them from parking there. the shouldn't be parking there. I don't know why we are still letting this go on."

"I would think that they should be notified when they are showing up for a tournament or just a regular golf game," council member Lisa Ruggerio said. "They should be told 'hey, next time you come you should not park there.'"

Finn said that he would reach out to club this week to see what could be worked out.

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