Tomorrow’s Health: Preventing Alzheimer’s, Getting Enough Sleep & Eating Less Meat

Tomorrow's Health June 4

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A new study suggests flossing and brushing your teeth could help prevent Alzheimer's.

Researchers in Norway discovered the bacteria that causes gum disease can move from the mouth to the brain, destroying nerve cells and causing a loss of memory.

The bacteria is also linked to COPD and some cancers.

Teens Need Sleep

Teenagers who have trouble falling or staying asleep are more than twice as likely to have health issues compared to those who sleep soundly.

Canadian researchers followed 3,000 teens for two years.

They found poor sleep affects boys more than girls.

Eat Less Meat

It doesn't matter whether you eat red meat or white meat, both have the same effect on blood cholesterol levels.

Researchers suggest restricting meat altogether helps lower cholesterol.

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