Steam Boat Flotilla comes to Clayton

wwny Steam Boat Flotilla comes to Clayton

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Wood and coal powered steam boats are blowing their whistles in Clayton this week for the annual Steam Boat Flotilla.

The Antique Boat Museum is where you can find them, tethered to the docks. If boaters see you, they may invite you to join them.

Clem Legates and Paul Argo came all the way from Delaware and invited 7 News for a ride.

Phoenix is the name of Clem Legates’ steam boat.

He’s been traveling for more than 6 years with Phoenix anywhere from Florida to Canada.

“Let some steam go for a little bit to warm it up before we get to turn it over," he said.

He travels with Argo, a friend he met back in Delaware.

“Sometimes it’s easier to get and sometimes it’s not,” said Argo.

The pair works together to get the boat moving, trying to build up steam.

They love the steam engine that powers the boat, and it might meander along, but they’re okay with that.

“With this boat, you know, you don’t go very fast,” said Legates. "So you get to enjoy the water more because you’re going real slow and you’re not zipping along and bouncing over all of the waves.”

It’s the freshwater waves that keeps them coming back.

“We like it here and we will probably come back next year if they’ll have us,” said Legates.

Next June, look out to see if Phoenix makes its way back to the Thousand Islands.

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