Red Cross in desperate need of blood

wwny Red Cross in desperate need of blood

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood.

The Red Cross held a blood drive at Salmon Run Mall Thursday in an effort to replenish its Missing Types campaign.

The most precious of them is Type O.

The campaign hopes to encourage more people to donate.

Fred Pridell was one of the first donors to arrive, ready to give his rare O-negative blood.

“I think it’s funny, a lot of people have tattoos but are afraid of needles. Get over it! Get out here and give blood. You never know where it’s going or who it’s going to help. So that’s why I do it,” said Pridell.

The Red Cross is urging those with blood types O-negative, O-positive, B-negative, and A-negative to consider giving a “Power Red Cell” donation, which would extract two units of red blood cells and return the plasma to the donor.

To donate, visit

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