Social media ‘threat’ almost cancels Lowville prom

wwny Social media ‘threat’ almost cancels Lowville prom

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Parents of Lowville Academy prom-goers had to scramble after a social media post threatened to cancel the event.

School officials say one student was corresponding with a social media acquaintance who apparently threatened to "shoot up" the prom.

That happened shortly before 8:30 p.m. Saturday, when the prom was scheduled to start at the Wax House at Snow Ridge in Turin.

Parents and school officials quickly moved the decorations to the high school, where they set up tables so the prom could go on.

“We felt like that moving the prom to the school gave us the ability to really control that situation, control who could enter, who could exit and it really gave us a sense of security and it’s a safe case for the kids, they feel secure here at school,” said Cheryl Steckly, district superintendent.

The high school’s principal let students know what was going and that the prom would have to be moved.

“I was definitely shocked. I thought it was kind of a joke at first but then everybody started moving right away, so I knew it was kind of serious,” said Madison Nortz, a senior.

No time was wasted getting the gym ready for the dance. Parents helped with decorations and food while staff set up at the school.

“It’s pretty typical of our community. You can see it in almost everything we do at Lowville that people really step up to help no matter the situation,” said Sarah Hurley, a senior.

“It really was amazing to see how everybody came together,” said Steckly.

Students embraced having prom in the gym and even played soccer and basketball.

“I think it was the best dance we had here, so it was good,” said Brianna Finn, a senior.

School officials say they don’t believe the man who made the threats was from Lowville or had a connection to the school district.

Lewis County sheriff’s deputies, Lowville village police, state police, and emergency medical personnel were all on hand to make sure the prom ended safely.

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