Lowville McDonald’s unveils makeover, new technology

wwny Lowville McDonald’s unveils makeover, new technology

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Lowville McDonald's has gotten a makeover and is now serving up new technology.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the new take on the fast-food restaurant.

There’s a new interior, easier-to-read menu boards, and ordering kiosks to enhance the customer experience.

“The customer can come in, they can order themselves on the kiosks, they don’t have to talk to anyone if they don’t want to, they can scroll though, see all of our menu items that might not be on our regular menu board, they can customize it, and then they grab a key tag, sit down, and then we bring the food out for them,” said Grant Kemmer, owner.

Kemmer said the $750,000 renovation was long overdue and customers should come check it out.

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