Philly cocaine bust could affect north country supply

wwny Philly cocaine bust could affect north country supply

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - On Tuesday, federal agents raided a cargo ship at a Philadelphia port and seized more than $1 billion worth of cocaine. Agents say the drugs were hidden in seven containers.

So why does that matter to us here, more than 300 miles away?

“Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a major pipeline for a lot of the narcotics trade in Watertown, in Jefferson County in general,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Kristyna Mills. “We see a lot of our narcotics coming from Philadelphia, it’s every bit as big as New York I would say.”

Mills says there have been quite a few narcotics busts that authorities know came from Philadelphia. She says a bust of this size has the potential to dry out the supply here.

“At least for a little while. Eventually, the other avenues will pick up and fill in the gap but it does have the potential to affect our narcotics trade for a little while,” she said.

Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue with the Watertown Police Department says users may have to pay more to get it.

“With this amount of drugs being taken off the street, we feel that it’s probably going to raise the prices for drugs here locally because there won’t be as many drugs to go around for the people looking for them,” he said.

And while meth and heroin have been making headlines recently, Mills says police have seen an increase in cocaine trafficking.

“In the last year, cocaine is on the rise again and heroin is starting to dip a little,” she said.

Seizing drugs on a ship in Pennsylvania and keeping them off the streets of the north country.

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