High water continues to erode shorelines

wwny High water continues to erode shorelines

POINT PENINSULA, N.Y. (WWNY) - The high water levels on Lake Ontario continue to eat away at shorelines, and residents are losing land.

“Normally, these trees in the background are all dry. Sometimes in the spring, there’s water up to them, never this deep,” said Mike Ulmen, who lives on Point Peninsula.

Trees are submerged and water washes up to a stone wall, which Ulmen built on his property on Point Peninsula last year.

Ulmen walks along what’s left. He says he has lost six to eight feet of shoreline during this flood season.

“But, that’s not as much as a lot of people have. We’re not in as bad of shape because we have the bank here,” he said.

Down the road, Bob Pitcher’s backyard is getting smaller and smaller.

He says he has lost another six feet of shoreline from 10 days ago when the waves were crashing onto his property.

“They’re saying this is what it’s going to be like forever, so how can you cope with that,” he said.

The apple tree on his land was planted there 46 years ago. Pitcher says with one more round of high waves, it could all be washed away.

“I’m afraid I’m going to lose it for sure. There isn’t much we can do,” he said.

The lake might be calm now, but both homeowners are at a standstill, trying to keep a positive outlook.

“We’ll get over this. It’ll stop. Hopefully, they’ll start lowering the water earlier in the year and drain it out,” said Ulmen.

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