Your Turn: Feedback on Pride flag, farm bill & adoption change

wwny Your Turn: Feedback on Pride flag, farm bill & adoption change

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Hundreds came to show support and bear witness to history in the making Saturday. The LGBTQ pride flag was raised and flown at Watertown City Hall for the first time:

I was so proud to see Watertown support what is really just human rights and catching up to the rest of the first world.

Mia Cipullo

For the city to raise a flag celebrating the pride of one’s sexual orientation is a disgrace.

Scott Filippi

So where is the African-American flag, the Hispanic-American flag, the disabled-American flag, Asian-American flag? If only we had one flag that could represent everyone in the country!! Oh wait....

Nathan Hunt

Lawmakers from rural parts of New York, including the north country, say approved legislation aimed at protecting farm workers in the state could be the end of many small farms:

Forcing small farmers to conform to rules only affordable by corporate farms will break them.

Douglas Osborne

This bill gives workers some minimal protections. The farms need help getting more for what they produce.

JonKaren Hall

If Governor Cuomo signs just passed legislation, adoptees 18 and over will be able to access their original birth certificates:

So happy for the adoptees to finally have the right to know where they came from if they choose to find out.

Nancy Badlam

I’m afraid it will deter those who do not want future contact to choose abortion rather than adoption.

Amy Campbell

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