Gagnon, admitted killer, draws 12 years behind bars

wwny Gagnon, admitted killer, draws 12 years behind bars

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Admitted killer Michael Gagnon was sentenced in St. Lawrence County Court Monday to 12 years in prison.

Gagnon fatally shot his friend, Phillip B. Goolden, in April 2018. The shooting took place at Gagnon’s Jefferson Avenue, Ogdensburg, home.

Gagnon was initially charged with murder, second degree, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter, first degree, in a plea bargain arrangement in May. The 12 year sentence was part of the arrangement.

“He took the life of Phillip Goolden. He did so intentionally. He must be held accountable for that,” said Gary Pasqua, district attorney.

Still unexplained: exactly why it happened. Monday’s court proceeding shed little new light on why Gagnon did what he did.

Goolden’s widow spoke at the sentencing - she told the judge that she remembers the note her daughter left on a plate of cookies. It read: “Please dad, don't eat all of these. Love.”

“I thought, this poor baby is upstairs sleeping soundly, with her only concern when she woke was that her father was going to eat all of her cookies,” said Bridget Goolden.

Bridget said she was staring at that note when police interviewed her. That was just hours after her husband had been shot dead by Gagnon.

“Your honor, the woman who stands before you today is not the same woman that was tucked into bed on April 6th of 2018 and kissed on the cheek by her husband. She died when he did,” she said.

Judge Jerome Richards said there are no winners in this case – only losers. And he noted there’s still any number of questions about exactly what happened at Michael Gagnon’s home that night – questions that only Gagnon knows the answers to.

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