Your Turn: feedback on mayoral tie, squirrel & more

wwny Your Turn: feedback on mayoral tie, squirrel & more

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - We still don’t know who will face Jeff Smith in the race for mayor of Watertown. Allison Crossman and Cody Horbacz received the same amount of votes and it looks like the courts will have to decide who will be on the ballot:

All three should be on the ballot.

Lisa Smithereene

Have a redo with just Allison and Cody.

Michelle Appleby

A Watertown man who’s losing his home to back taxes may sue the city. Thomas Chiarelly says he thinks the current policy violates his constitutional rights:

Stop playing the victim, pay your taxes like everyone else!

Sara Jo

It seems like, oh, I need money, let’s find someone to sue.

Dezirae Nichole Brooks

A Clayton man is fighting for the return of a squirrel he rehabilitated. The state Department of Environmental Conservation took the animal in order to acclimate back into the wild:

If this man really gave a s**t about animals, he wouldn't want to keep this wild animal as a pet.

Raven Whitewolf

If the DEC really cares that much, they better start fetching squirrels from attics.

Cait Elizabeth

I hope this man gets his fur friend back.

Christina Jones

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