From City to Village, and other solutions. Ogdensburg officials look for savings

Ogdensburg officials consider cost savings

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - Ogdensburg city leaders reviewed a list of recommendations from the State to help the City solve its long running money problems.

Officials talked about how the City manages its vehicles, as well as the State's recommendation to have St. Lawrence County handle dispatching for Ogdensburg.

Another recommendation is to reevaluate staffing levels in the city fire department.

City Manager Sarah Purdy says that needs to be discussed in collective bargaining with the firefighter's union.

The City doesn't have to do everything suggested, but leaders say they'll take a long, hard look.

“There's no requirement that we pursue them,” Purdy said. “But I don't think we would have gone to the depth of having them come in and work with us for over a year if we weren't prepared to look into some of their recommendations.”

Financial strains have promoted officials to question whether Ogdensburg should designate itself as a village, rather than a city.

“Whether we become a village or a town, there are certain functions that would have to be transferred to another government entity because they're things that villages and towns don't do,” Purdy said.

Ogdensburg City Council members want a study done, which could take up to a year. Purdy says she’ll present an update to elected officials in August.

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